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CareerFoundry Shares the 10 Best Online Coding Camps

Posted by Admin on Apr 27, 2015

The Ten Best Online Coding Bootcamps


Demand for tech skills has increased rapidly over the past few years and learning to program through online coding bootcamps has become the go-to solution for many who are drifting between jobs as casualties of the skills gap.  

College educations are not delivering the return on investment they once did and mismatched skillsets are contributing to the increasing frequency of job ads for programmers. Some people are being lured out of their previous career and are now trying to transition into one that has more of a 21st century style approach, such as programming.

Online coding, or tech bootcamps provide great options, making learning to program flexible, and affordable. Assuming you know what kind of work you want to be doing once you are trained, you can also find online courses that will give you the specific skillset you need.

When choosing a course of study, consider these questions;

1. How long do you want to study for?

Courses can run from weeks, to months, to years depending on your needs.

2. How much time can you spare in a week for the course work and the study?

If you will be working fulltime while studying you should consider how much time you realistically have to dedicate to the course work.

3. How much are you prepared to spend on fees to invest in your new programming skills?

If you just want basic skills then you could start with short free online courses. As you get a better sense of the environment and the opportunities it can deliver, you can then invest in longer and more supported programs, which will of course have a price tag.

4. Will the course teach you what you need to know, for what it is you want to do?

Again if you are learning to program for simple tasks that enhance your current skillset, look at the content and make sure it offers the programming skills and languages you will need.

5. What level of support do you need to learn?

You may want to learn independently, however sometimes the more supported option with mentoring included as better results.

Once you have thought through these questions and have a good sense of what you are looking for, you can then start to review the choices. There are a lot of online learning platforms to choose from but the list below (in alphabetical order) of 10 online code camps is a selection of the best and reflects the diversity of programs on offer.


Web development, mobile development and design. 12, 18 and 36 week options. Taught by professional web development mentors. Pricing is mid to high range at around €5,000.


Web development and UX Design. 3 – 6 months, full or part time. Project based with mentor support and job board access. Pricing is low to mid range at €1,500.


Web development, programming languages. No minimum time commitment. Self guided learning with online student community support. Pricing is low range – codecademy is free.

Code School

Dozens of web technology courses including programming languages and web development. No minimum time requirement. Online library of video tutorials and screencasts. Pricing is low range at $29 per month. 


UX/UI Design. Part time, 4 – 6 weeks. Hands on projects and 1 on 1 mentor support. Pricing is low range at $300 - $600.

Khan Academy

Multiple STEM subject courses. No minimum time commitment. Self guided learning with online student community support. Pricing is low range – Khan Academy is a non-profit so courses are free.

Tealeaf Academy

Web Development, App building, Ruby on Rails. Developer focused training, 4 – 8 weeks. Video tutorials and online student community support. Pricing is low range at $475 - $1,485.


Web Development and design, programming languages. 12 weeks, resource based with 1 on 1 mentorship. Pricing is low range at $900 - $1,500.


Hundreds of courses including web design and web development. No minimum time requirement. Online library of video tutorials. Pricing is low range at $25 - $50 per month paid on a month to month basis.


Web development, iOs, programming, data analysis. Beginner to advanced levels. 4 – 16 weeks. Video tutorials and weekly Q & A. Pricing is low range at $150 - $600.

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